What is an EMS Unit?

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Electronic Muscle Stimulation – E.M.S.

Electric impulses are used to contract muscles. EMS has been used in the field of medicine as therapy for muscle atrophy, as well as in many other conditions. There has also been use in the field of personal care (where it is also known as electronic muscle toning) to help tone muscles, decrease body fat, as well as an adjunct to weight training.
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What are the main differences and similarities between TENS Units and EMS Devices?

When looking at the facts about TENS Units and EMS devices, it’s important to get a good understanding of how these two devices compare on a basic level. As the names would suggest, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units stimulate the nerves, while EMS devices stimulate the muscles. However, each are using electrical impulses to do so. The electrical impulses travel through the skin to the nerves and muscles via electrode pads. Electrodes act as conductors, so as a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit or EMS machine generates electrical impulses, they’re delivered via electrode pads through the skin. The pads are strategically placed on different areas of the body, wherever one needs relief.

What does an EMS Device do?

Like the name would suggest, EMS devices stimulate the muscles. This causes the muscles to repeatedly contract and relax, working like a passive exercise. Rather than helping with pain, the main function behind an EMS device is to help with muscle growth and recovery. When an EMS machine stimulates the muscles, it helps to increase blood flow to the area, in turn decreasing inflammation and encouraging growth.

What is an EMS Device used for?

EMS Devices can be applied to muscles anywhere, whether it be the legs, arms, shoulders or feet. EMS devices should be used if you’ve recently become injured and need to rest, but still want to work the muscles to prevent weakening or atrophy. An EMS Device is great for athletes or others who are going through muscle rehabilitation after an injury. Again, a portable device like the CMC TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Muscle Stimulator or the new Wireless TENS + EMS Muscle Stimulator can be worn throughout the day, even during training or sports practice.

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