Peace of Mind: Electrodes for Life!

Receive unlimited sets of 6 pairs ($90 value) of long-lasting, hydro-gel electrodes, for your ease of use.  Each set of pads last approximately 200 applications.  Use it on skin that is absent of any oil, lotion, cream and is clean of perspiration.   Never-ever stick them on each other.

Nominal handling charge of $17 applies.

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Hydro-Gel Pads, suitable for even sensitive skin types

Lasts 200 Applications, with proper care and useage

Sterilized, Individually Packed, to prevent contaminants, and long shelf life

Easy-Snap Connectors, for ease of use for the duration

When Should You
Replace Your Electrodes?

  • When they can no longer stick to the skin.
  • When intensity settings are faulty and muscle contractions are uncomfortable.
  • When the adhesive is filled with non-removable dust, dirt, or hair.
Effective Points on Body
Months of Useage per Set

Replacement Easy Snap Electrodes

CareMed electrodes target muscle stimulation on points where pulses are transmitted to motor nerves and muscle fibers. The electrodes simply connect to every CareMed device where it can be placed anywhere on the body. Our replaceable electrodes ranging from sizes Small to Extra-Large to address any parts of the muscle. In addition, we also offer hypoallergenic gel pads for users with sensitive skin. Feel free to mix and match the sizes to best fit your TENS/EMS preference. Because every unit has an A/B ports, you can use a small one for one outlet while a larger one for the next. Extend the life of your pads with the Perfect Conductor Spray to increase its longevity and to enhance the sensations for every use. Our water-based formula means no oils or residue left on top of the skin. To use, lightly spray the Perfect Conductor on any electrode or body wrap and enjoy the solution to pain management.

Long Live Electrodes!

The CMC Electrodes are designed to be used numerous application. Follow a few salient strategies to ensure that:
  1. Never Ever STICK THEM ON EACH OTHER.  Place the electrodes on the plastic PADS HOLDER provided in the box, or use the plastic that comes affixed to each set of electrodes.
  2. When you received the electrode placement chart, if you got it laminated, you may stick the electrodes on the laminated chart as well.
  3. Or stick it on a zip-lock bag.  Just don’t stick them on each other, or any surface that is fibrous such as paper, cloth etc.
  4. Use the electrodes on surfaces free of any oil, sweat, cream, lotion etc.
  5. Use an alcohol swab to clean the area prior to placing the electrodes on your skin.
  6. If you need replacement electrodes, you may press the button below to order replacement electrodes for FREE.