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Speed Up Muscle and Joint recovery

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Speed up muscle & joint recovery

Recovery is essential to any workout program, but deactivating on rest day isn’t the solution. Instead, reactivate with Care Med Choice’s NMES (Neuro-muscular electrical simulator) device to recover faster. That’s because the more you move, the better you feel. NMES keeps you moving by gently contracting your muscles with the same electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology used by physical therapists and physicians today.

Reduce muscle soreness

Bring in fresh, oxygenated blood to provide your muscles with what they need to recover from strains, tears or injuries faster. Flush out lactic acid by keeping your muscles moving with pain-free and scientifically proven electrical muscle stimulation technology.

Trusted technology

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is proven technology that was once something only used by physicians, physical therapists and top professional athletes. Today electric muscle stimulation is accessible to everyone–from athletes to fitness enthusiasts, elite trainers, and more. Care Med Choice uses this same FDA-cleared EMS technology and packs it into a small lightweight controller, completely controlled by a device in the palm of your hand.

Take control of your recovery

Recovery is an essential part of helping your body perform at the highest level. The Care Med Choice recovery programs assist in the recovery process between activities. Use them on a regular basis to make your next performance the best one yet.

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