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Pain Management & Relief

A revolutionary new way to relieve pain.

The process commences by pinpointing your matter on the provided Pressure Point Chart. Simply select the area in pain, confirm the type of pain (chronic, acute, injury related, etc). Place the electrodes 2-3 inches apart of the afflicted location. Set the treatment time, and start the stimulation. Progressively increase the intensity, and note the intensity you reach and make a note of it.. That is your pain number. When the timing is complete, it’ll shut off automatically.

Target Your Pain

Pain in your shoulder can be completely different from pain in your knee. To get to the root of the problem we need to know where the pain exists. This is the first step to creating your custom pain relief program.

Please reference the placement chart for proper placement of electrodes, and place then 2-3 inches apart of the point of refereence.

Click here [Placement Chart]

Set your pain score

Knowing what level of pain you are experiencing helps us adjust the program for effectiveness. TENS works on the Gate Theory by blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. The level of pain needs to be matched with the level of relief you will be receiving.

Track your progress

Easy to display screen show your progress over time allowing you to monitor your pain score. Keep an eye on how your body is reacting to not only what you do in the device, but how your daily life can effect your levels of pain.

What is TENS?

Non-invasive Pain Relief

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends electrical pulses to stimulate sensory nerves and provides pain relief in the applied area. This technology has been used for decades in physical therapy offices, training rooms, and even in OTC household settings.

When applied at a low frequency, the stimulation creates an endorphin release that can relieve the pain for a period of time post the session. Additionally, when used at a high frequency it blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, this is called the Gate Theory.

TENS Units are used to reduce and eliminate pain by sending tiny electrical impulses to the treatment area experiencing pain. The TENS Unit “tricks” our brain by interrupting or “turning off” the pain signal.

Our TENS Units are used by patients, clinics, and physicians worldwide. CareMed NMES Unit is known for both effectiveness and longevity. We offer some of the most powerful units on the market. All of our TENS Units come with everything you need to begin your treatment.

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