CMC Wrist Wrap

This wrist brace utilizes conductive surface technology. This is an excellent electrotherapy tool to effectively relieve pain in the wrist with the added features of variable compression and support.


CMC Wrist Wrap

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Designed for the highest grade, the CMC Wrist Wrap are built to outlast other wraps on the market. It’s made with high-quality nylon instead of cotton which is crafted to last longer in extreme conditions. Use this product along with your CMC device as a replacement to electrode for long-lasting sessions.

Using the CMC Wrist Wrap means elevated levels of compression, support, and adjust-ability. Its length is not too long which makes wrapping faster and more convenient.

With its heavy duty elasticity, you’re provided with excellent levels of support to restrain the wrist as required; but it can also be applied lightly to offer freedom of motion. Other brands with less elasticity restrict the blood flow, but using the CMC Wrist Wrap offers comfort and optimal results.

Using this product is easy. Apply the conductor spray, and wrap it around your wrist. After that, find a comfortable compression for you. Attach the CMC cords and set the device to your preferred liking. With CMC Wrist Wrap, you can embrace the convenience of never worrying about replacing your electrodes for a long time.

Your satisfaction is important to us! We’re confident you’ll enjoy your CMC Wrist Wrap and all our other products. So sit back and relax your way to euphoria with CMC.

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Dimensions 13.5 × 4 in