CMC USB Charging Cable

Never get stuck without a charging cable again.
With cables suitable for all AcuMed TENS and EMS devices, you can easily replace lost cables or simply have spares so that you’re never caught without.

Handy replacement or spare USB charging cable for use with all AcuMed products. Please note USB cable differs depending on which unit you have, please select which unit you have before adding to cart.


CMC USB Charging Cable

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There’s nothing worse than relaxing with your AcuMed unit and finding out you’re low on battery. Now, you’ll never have to get stuck without your essential cable again. You can also use it as a spare so you’ll never get caught without one.

These handy replacements or spare USB charging cables are designed to work with AcuMed units. However, please note that this cable does not work for some devices. Before adding to your cart, please ensure your unit is supported by this accessory.

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