CMC Socks

The pair of CareMed Therapeutic Socks have woven conductive fibers which offer entire foot, ankle and lower leg stimulation.


CMC Socks

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CMC Socks offers an exclusive design to work with your feet. Never worry about replacing your electrodes as the CMC Socks work longer and more efficiently.

Our CMC Socks is proven to help with plantar fasciitis, bunions, bad circulation, cold/sweaty feet, and more. These are comfortable, high-quality cotton laced with silver which provides an effortless application. The silver also gives the socks odor eliminating and anti-microbial properties. Wear them like a normal sock as you kick back on the couch and relax. With these socks, you can now assist your blood circulation at any time in style.

If you’re suffering from lymph-edema, thrombosis, or varicose veins, use CMC Socks as well as our TENS/EMS device to get rid of them. Experience comfortable massages anywhere you go to prevent blood clots and helping to eliminate the effects of lymph-edema.

When using the CMC Socks along with your CMC device, feel the pulsing sensations around your toes all the way up to the base of the knee. Using the product is simple. Connect the cord to one spot on each sock and feel the stimulation all the way through. For optimal results, set your CMC unit to your preferred intensity and strength.

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Dimensions 15 × 3.5 in