CMC Pro Belt

Compatible with CareMed devices, the Pro Belt brace assist users to place electrodes on hard-to-reach areas without the support from others. The Pro Belt is designed to fit most users to address their muscle aches.


CMC Pro Belt

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The CMC Pro Belt is designed for back and spine stimulation which provides pain relief, support, and protection.

This incredible accessory is joined with TENS and EMS technology with traditional massagers. Use this belt with your CMC device to send low, frequent pulses to promote blood circulation and achieve relaxation. This wide conductive dual pad does not require any adhesive to function. It is an FDA-approved belt that will relieve sore muscles from exercise or strenuous activity. The Pro Belt wraps comfortably around the waist which is perfect for any workout. To use, directly attach your electrode wires and connect with your CMC device.

Package Includes:
1 Pro Belt – 1 Adjustable Velcro Straps

Directions for Use:
1. Connect the Electrode Wire to Pro Belt.
2. Adjust the straps according to your comfort, and wear around the neck.
3. Insert the plus of the electrode wire into the output of the device.
4. Adjust intensity.

Please Note:
Always apply a few drops of water to the conductive rubber surface of the wrap (located on the opposite side from the snaps). This will improve conductivity and make the sensations smoother and stronger. Try the Perfect Conductor for optimized results.

No latex used on this product.

Benefits for TENS & EMS Units:
Relief chronic muscle pain with the help of TENS and EMS technology. It is lightweight, portable and a drug-free device that directly sends electrotherapy pulses to stop pain signals for reaching the brain. It also stimulates the production of natural painkillers, endorphins.

Use it for muscle recovery, pain relief, or relaxation as CMC devices prove to be the best alternative to medicine. It is the same technology as the doctors use with powerful results.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 45.5 × 8.5 in