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Reduce the Risk of Injury

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Reduce the risk of injury

Whether you are using electric muscle stimulation to be proactive or reactive of an injured area, CareMed can help tremendously. Daily or weekly EMS treatments can help reduce existing discomfort or even help you avoid future injury. CareMed uses the same pain-free, effective, and proven technology physical therapists use to treat their patients and puts it safely in your hands.

Avoid future injury

You can use CareMed electrical muscle stimulation technology on almost any part of the body to help you warm up, workout strong, cool down, and recover. Our intuitive EMS device offers a variety of fitness programs designed to help you build muscle strength, increase endurance and resistance, and avoid future injury.

Trusted technology

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is proven technology that was once something only used by physicians, physical therapists and top professional athletes. Today electric muscle stimulation is accessible to everyone–from athletes to fitness enthusiasts, elite trainers, and more. CareMed uses this same FDA-cleared EMS technology and packs it into a small lightweight pod, completely controlled in the palm of your hand.

Strengthen specific muscles

Electric muscle stimulation, when used correctly and consistently, helps strengthen individual muscles as well as muscle groups. Utilizing CareMed ‘s placement guide and 18 preset programs helps you target the muscles you are looking to strengthen or recover. Giving you world class muscle stimulation at your fingertips.

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