Controller at a Glance

Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Channel A
  2. Channel B
  3. Select channel
  4. Mode selector
  5. Timing interval
  6. Decrease intensity (-)
  7. Increase intensity (+)
  8. USB charging port
  9. On/Off switch
  10. Timer
  11. Intensity level
  12. indicatorMode in use
  13. Battery level indicator

Your CMC TENS/EMS is a cutting edge 3 in 1 medical device suitable for TENS/EMS, massage therapy and CES applications.

It must be kept out of reach of children. Please review the instruction booklet and take heed of all precautions before you use the device. Contact us at [email protected] or (503) 376-0607 for support or further information.

Care Med Choice markets pain management solutions that include a Class II medical device that is approved and licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration, SA Department of Health, and Conformité Européenne. Side effects entailed to a TENS unit are very rare; however, our devices cannot be used by any individual impacted by the following medical conditions:

  • Pacemaker and Severe Heart Disorders
    It is possible that TENS therapy can interfere with an implanted medical device. You should avoid any TENS unit if you have a pacemaker or heart disease. Electrical currents generated from TENS units can interfere with the functionality of the pacemaker which can possibly ruin the implanted device and can put yourself at risk.While some pacemakers are made safe with TENS therapy, it’s best to speak to a healthcare professional before trying the device.
  • Pregnancy
    If you’re pregnant or think you’re going to get pregnant, you should avoid using a TENS unit. To be clear, pregnant women are not at risk when opting for electrotherapy. But the effects of TENS therapy to an unborn child can pose risks which is why you should avoid it.You may use electrotherapy under the supervision of your practitioner. However, even with this intention, you should avoid it during the first and second trimester. Also, never place the electrodes above the uterus.
  • Epilepsy and Seizures
    While the research is still inconclusive, there is a possibility that electrical currents can trigger epileptic episodes and seizures. Some medical professionals warn to avoid it while others suggest practicing caution.For safety reasons, do not use them to avoid any episodes.
  • Lymphedema
    TENS therapy influences the circulatory system which can causes issues within the lymphatic system and can cause additional fluid retention. Because lymphedema compromises the skin’s integrity and causes swelling, it is advisable to only use TENS units on healthy skin.
  • Cochlear Implant
    Electrical currents from TENS devices can adjust the frequency of your cochlear implants resulting for a re-tune. Simply put, this can alter the cochlear implant’s maps. A medical professional will have to reprogram them leaving you deaf for the time being.

Side-effects to TENS therapy is rare, but if you have any conditions mentioned above, you should not use electrotherapy devices. You should also avoid it if you have the following:

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cancer or are recovering from cancer
  • Any electronic implanted device
  • Plates in your body and/or titanium screws and/or pins

Important: Never place gel pads or accessories directly on your heart or the temple region on either side of your head. If you are unsure, please, consult with your doctor before using our device.

Our devices CANNOT be used by any person/s impacted by the following medical conditions:
  • pacemaker
  • defibrillator
  • any kind of electronic implanted device
  • cochlear implant hearing device
  • severe heart disorders
  • deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • prone to seizures
  • pregnant
  • cancer or are recovering from cancer,
  • plates in your body and/or titanium screws and/or pins
Never place gel pads or accessories directly on your heart and/or the temple region on either side of your head. ​If you are unsure please consult with your doctor before you sign up for ANY free trial OR use our device in any manner on any part of your body whatsoever.


Your device is engineered to relieve neuro-muscular pain and recover muscle aches and provide muscle stimulation.

Many key features are carefully implemented on your device for a quality experience.

  1. Multiple combinations of bio-electrical signals with variable frequencies
  2. Realistic traditional Chinese massage (Tui Na) sensations and acupuncture technology
  3. Portable, lightweight, durable design
  4. Reusable, self-adhesive, silicon, electrode gel pads
  5. Adjustable timer
  1. Place both electrode pads on the area of your body where you are experiencing stress, stiffness, aches or pain.
  2. Set the unit to the mode and intensity level that fits your personal preference.
    Always start at the lowest intensity first and work up. Never start at a very high-intensity level.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the deep, relaxing sensations of your TENS/EMS electronic muscle stimulator.

Never place electrode pads on the following areas:

  • Sinus nerves
  • Throat or mouth
  • Temples or around the brain
  • Swollen, Infected, or Inflamed areas
  • Skin eruptions
  • Cancerous lesions
  • Directly on your heart
  • Attach your electrode wires to pads before you remove the plastic protector cover and before you place it on your body.
  • Don’t touch the gel on the pads as this will reduce the life of your pads. Your pads are reusable so please don’t throw them away after use. Before you place your pads on the area to be treated spray some ion conductor onto the pads to improve adhesiveness to your skin.
  • The lithium battery can be recharged through both AC adapter and USB cable.
  • While charging, the screen in ON position indicates the charge, while in OFF position the screen is blank.
  • The battery will charge in either one of the power positions (ON or OFF).
  • The battery should be charged for 8-10 hours before first use.
  • The device battery is built into our TENS/EMS devices and is non-removable.
  • Make sure your skin is free from any dirt, oil, or lotions.
  • Before applying the gel pads, put a few drops of water on your fingers and rub them on both pads. This will help the gel pads maintain their adhesiveness.
  • When you finish using the device, turn it off.
  • Take off the gel pads.
  • Place the protective films back on the gel pads or place them on the pad holder.
  • Take the electrode wires out from the device and place back in the box until next use.
  • Store your CMC TENS/EMS device in a cool, dry place until next use.