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Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance

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Improve muscle strength & endurance

CareMed gives you peak performance optimization at your fingertips. Electrical muscle stimulation uses different Hertz ranges to activate muscle fibers, forcing them to contract. Why increase the number of muscle fibers that contract? Essentially, so you can jump higher, lift more, run longer and recover faster. Used by the world’s top athletes, CareMed uses EMS technology to cause your muscles to contract, which helps them get stronger.

Make workouts more effective

Incorporating electric muscle stimulation can help you blow past typical training plateaus. For healthy athletes looking to build strength, speed, and endurance, electrical muscle stimulation can offer surprising benefits. Supplement your workouts with next-level training that improves your muscle’s ability to resist fatigue and increase the rate of lactic acid removal.

Trusted technology

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is proven technology that was once something only used by physicians, physical therapists and top professional athletes. Today electric muscle stimulation is accessible to everyone–from athletes to fitness enthusiasts, elite trainers, and more. CareMed uses this same FDA-cleared EMS technology and packs it into a small lightweight device, completely controlled by an app on your mobile device.

Target specific muscle groups

Change the way you train forever by activating and stimulating individual muscles with the same technology high-performance athletes have used for decades. Explore CareMed’s 18 preset programs that break down muscles in order to increase strength & endurance.

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