CMC NMES vs Competition

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What is the best electronic nerve, muscle stimulator?

Care Med Choice presents the world’s first compact, combination unit that assists the user in nerve, muscle and cranial issues. Upto this iteration, TENS, EMS, and Alpha-Stim were three seperate units. They were large and bulky. Now you dont have to sacrifice one for the other. All three in one, in a portable footprint, clinically applied, controller and associated accessories.

Why CMC NMES is the future of muscle stimulation:

The idea that an electric current can activate individual muscles and targeted muscle groups, and promote muscle growth is no secret. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. Electrical muscle stimulation is time tested technology dating back to the 1950s, and has been helping people increase muscle performance as well as support muscle recovery for decades.
CMC NMES Smart Muscle Stimulation takes the technology of traditional EMS and packs it into a sleek, lightweight, easy-to-use controller that is completely controlled from your palm. Not only is this the most portable and valuable NMES device on the market, it’s accompanied by an ever-growing accessories that helps you accentuate your workouts and recovery.

Other devices on the market:

Most EMS devices on the market are clunky looking medical devices with lots of wires and buttons. You really have two options: The inexpensive, untested devices that can be painful and even harmful to the body, or the overpriced, overdone devices that look like they belong in a doctor’s office.

Now you can benefit from the same EMS technology used in medical offices and among top athletes, and rest assured that your EMS treatments are scientifically sound and FDA cleared for safe home use. CMC’s electric muscle stimulator is half the cost and size of most of the competition with twice the capabilities. Our sleek design, portability and app based settings make CMC NMES the premier EMS device to serve athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

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